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Davie Village, Vancouver

Davie Village is conveniently located in downtown Vancouver’s West End, within easy walking access, or a short taxi ride from all major downtown hotels. Vancouver’s fabulous sandy beaches, beautiful parks and spectacular natural scenery are also just steps away, making Davie Village a must-see for visitors and a great place to base yourself, or to start your exploration of LGBTQ-friendly Vancouver.

Considered by many to be the heart of Vancouver’s gay community, this thriving neighbourhood offers a wide range of reasonably priced unique restaurants, outdoor patios, bars and pubs, fashion outlets, hotels and spas, travel agencies, specialty shops, bookstores and more. Home to many of Vancouver’s most popular gay pubs, night clubs and dance bars, Davie Village also offers a popular men’s sauna and 24/7 shops and services throughout the year.

Enhancements to the Village include the now world-famous rainbow crosswalks at the corner of Bute & Davie, which make for unique and colourful selfies and photo ops. The new retro Heart of Davie Village sign, located beside the Community Gardens near the east village entrance on Davie Street is another fab photo op. The sign was designed by artist Jim Balakshin, and is featured on the cover of this edition.

The Heart of Davie Village Public Space Improvement Project is planning ongoing projects to enhance the 2.3 million dollar Jim Deva Plaza area, with year round events, and as a hub for the LGBTQ2+ community. Jim Deva Plaza is a living memorial to the late Jim Deva, one of Vancouver’s best known gay pioneers and heroes, located just half a block from his beloved Little Sister’s Book & Art Emporium. A colourful special speakers corner is also a fitting tribute. For more about the project: Click here


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