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As a result of the bravery and heroic efforts of our LGBTQ+ pioneers, today Canada hosts Pride events from coast to coast, in all major cities, and also in some places where you would least expect it not so long ago. Organizations such as Fierté Canada Pride now include delegates at their annual AGM from over 75 Pride organizations from across Canada.

For travel reference and convenience sake, following is a list of locations and websites for Pride events in 2023, which are always a great addition to any travel plans. We’ll start on the east coast and work our way west. Although space will not allow us to include all known events in this article, we will include them on Gayvan.com’s online Pride pages, which are an ongoing work in progress.

Newfoundland and Labrador
St. John’s Pride: stjpride.ca

Nova Scotia
Halifax Pride: halifaxpride.com

Prince Edward Island
Pride PEI: facebook.com/PridePEI

New Brunswick
St. John Pride: facebook.com/saintjohnpride

Québec City Pride: fetearcenciel.ca
Montréal Pride: fiertemtl.com/en

Ottawa Capital Pride: capitalpride.ca
Pride Toronto: pridetoronto.com
Pride Niagara: prideniagara.com

Pride Winnipeg: pridewinnipeg.com

Regina Pride: queencitypride.ca
Saskatoon Pride: saskatoonpride.ca

Calgary Pride: calgarypride.ca
Edmonton Pride: edmontonpridefest.com

British Columbia
Vancouver Pride: vancouverpride.ca
Whistler Pride: whistlerpride.com
Victoria Pride: victoriapridesociety.org

Iqaluit Pride: facebook.com/groups/419262831545970

Northwest Territories
Yellowknife Pride Festival: facebook.com/yellowknifepride

Yukon Pride Festival: www.queeryukon.com

Fierté Canada Pride: fiertecanadapride.org
The Fierté Canada Pride Conference and Annual General Meeting will take place in Kelowna, BC. March 9-12, 2023.

Happy Pride Canada!

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